Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Collaboration among arts groups: Why not?

Memo to Miami museums, The Artsht Center, galleries and arts groups: Celebrate our cultural riches and collaborate with each other! Positive energy begets more positive energy! As grim economic news jolts us along a rocky road from bad to worse to bad again, bold artcentric types, including curator Hans Ulrich Obrist of the Serpentine Gallery in London, hold fast to the value of art. This determination leads them to foster collaboration among the visual and performing arts. For this year's Art Basel in Switzerland, Obrist, Philipe Parreno, and others helped create "Il Tempo del Postino" (Postman Time), hailed in the British press as "The world's first visual arts opera." We have all the talent and terrific ideas in Miami to be our own pioneers in this bold new age for collaboration among the visual and performing arts! How about it, Miami? Are you ready for the challenge? Send me your great ideas and I'll post them on this blog! Don't disappoint me. I have been writing about the amazing creative souls in this visual arts community for years, so I know those ideas are out there! It doesn't cost anything to share your ideas with the community! You never know who may read this and want to help make things happen!